Send whatsapp to anyone without having to save their contact number!

  1. Insert the recipient number
  2. Press “open chat”
  3. Use whatsapp
Best to use international format

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👉 you don’t have to save contact number to send whatsapp 👈

Until now, any time you needed a sporadic communication with someone, you had to save their number in your contact list.

When you need to contact someone you don’t know and may never meet again, via whatsapp, first you have to save their phone number in your contact list, and then send the text.

For example, a technician who should come to fix something, a mother of a friend of your son, a candidate you are going to interview and so on. It might take a few seconds, but if you are busy, it might never happen.

That is why we made (to be used from mobile devices) - a direct whatsapp link for sporadic communication.
Just insert the recipient number and send.

No hassle no fuss.